07 March 2012

Spice up your reception, add a Charlotte food truck!

Wedding traditions of yesteryear are making their way out the back door. Couples are grabbing hold to the idea of making it truly about them and their personality. Just off the cusp of the royal wedding and celebrity nuptials, brides and grooms are going against the grain and adding their own unique twist into their special day.

You will see a lot of new wedding trends popping up this year. One trend that is gaining popularity is having a food truck on the scene. Food trucks have come a long way with their culinary offerings and enticing outer appearances made prevalent by the reality tv show, The Great Food Truck Race. Greasy spoon getups are making way for classically trained chefs who have found a new avenue to display their culinary talents…on the streets. Grace your guests with a culinary experience that is truly unique (for a wedding). Instead of dreaming up the perfect menu with a caterer for a 5 course sit down dinner, you may opt to treat your guests to a 5 course dinner of wax paper wrapped farm to plate tacos or satisfy their sweet tooth with cupcakes fresh from a mobile bakery.

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