18 February 2013

Charlotte Wedding Planner | Posh Tip of the Week: Your Wedding Budget

If you're recently engaged, congratulations to you! This is an exciting time in your life. You're getting married!! Blush, blush!

One of the most serious discussions you are going to have after you've called mama, grandma, auntie, and your bff is about the budget of this wedding. You may or may not know that wedding costs can add up very quickly. Depending on your style and expectations of your wedding day, the cost may be more than you're prepared to spend. So I don't want you to have sticker shock. It is best to be prepared and know how much weddings really cost.

To help you get a feel for what to expect (budget wise) as you start to plan, here is a resource that I absolutely love: the Wedding Cost Estimator on Costofwedding.com. It gives you an estimated cost break down per category. You can customize it by your zip code, expected guest count and the items you are planning on paying for.

Here is a look at a wedding in the Charlotte area with 150 guests. Check out what takes the biggest piece of the pie...the reception. Also, check out the cost per guest. Keep this in mind when you're trying to figure out who to invite to your nuptials. I also selected  "elegant and formal" for the wedding style.

This will definitely give you a good running start to planning your perfect wedding day!


Your Estimated Cost: $39,687

Guests: 150
Estimated Cost Per Guest: $265
Travel: Within 25 miles of home
You plan to hire well experienced professionals (ie. Wedding Photographer - Planner or Consultant - DJ)


Happy Planning!

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