06 June 2013

Charlotte Wedding Planner | Posh Etsy Find | My Favorite Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are making a come back! Here are some of my favorites from Etsy!

Anto Arts
I really like the custom banner with the love birds.
Petite 25
 Did you know that owls bring good luck to your wedding?
Perlilla Pets
I thought these wooden love birds were super cute. Look at the wings!
This is so adorable and custom made to look like the bride and groom.
Lovebirds Goods
 I couldn't help but love Mr. & Mrs. Wuf! Go Pack!
I love this vintage monogram with pearls instead of rhinestones.

Monogrammed Custom Vintage Pearl Wedding Cake Topper & Display: Antique Bridal Accessories Made to Order
NDetail Design

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