28 June 2013

Charlotte Wedding Planner | Posh Inspiration | Go crazy for strawberries!!

I have a confession, I love strawberries! Some people like them dipped in chocolate and some with whipped cream. As for me, I take them straight from my garden (washed of course)!

I started thinking how cool would it be to attend a wedding that was themed around strawberries! As a guest (obsessed with strawberries) these are the types of things I would appreciate.

Catering/"10 spring wedding trends"/Photo: John Armich/The Knot
I love these mini strawberry pies.
Strawberry Jam Favors

Strawberry shortcake to go!

"Make Your Own" Strawberry Shortcake Bar

A refreshing Strawberry Mojito for cocktail hour!

Strawberry Mouse

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