27 January 2014

Charlotte Wedding Planner | Brittny & Ashley E-Session | Behind the Scenes

E-sessions (engagement sessions) can be a lot of fun when you have an awesome couple and a crazy awesome photographer! As a wedding planner, I will often tag along just for the fun of it. I will assist with fixing fly away hair, wardrobe changes, etc. My clients Brittny & Ashley had an amaaazing shoot with Crystal Stokes Photography a couple of weeks ago (more on that later) and she took some shots of me behind the scenes. Then she did a little "impromptu" photo shoot. I had a blast!  Enjoy!

Me, fluffing hair w/ disclaimer...I'm no hairstylist!
Walking with a purpose down Central Ave.
She caught me mid-whip! :)
She said "strike a pose" and this is what I did!
Not quite sure what she said to make me laugh, but it must have been hilarious!
This is me getting my "ANTM" on! :)
Aww, my lovelies, Ashley & Brittny. Just wait until you see their HOT e-session! Wait...am I really that short! :)
Fluffing again!
Thanks for the awesome head-shot Crystal! :)

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